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The galbanum gum and ferula golbaniflua essential oil price

The ferula golbaniflua essential oil price varies. It depends on which part of the plant is the source of essential oil. Since the benefits of the essential oil will vary according to the source of its production (seed or resin of galbanum plant), will its price also change?

Do you know galbanum plant?

Galbanum is a perennial herb that grows in areas from Mediterranean to Central Asia. But, the habitat of this plant is mostly located in the central and northeastern mountainous regions of Iran.

The scientific name of this plant is Ferula golbaniflua or F.gummasu, and the English name is galbanum, that is belonged to the Umbelliferae family.

The organs of this plant are full of special and pungent smell. As approaching the plant, this spicy aroma is inhalable.

 The root of galbanum plant, which Ferula golbaniflua gum is removed from it, has blackish brown color that is similar to the root of sugar beet.

ferula golbaniflua essential oil price

How is galbanum gum obtained?

Galbanum gum is obtained from resin or leachate of galbanum plant. The Galbanum plant is not forage worth much by itself. But this plant will achieve an important role among the other medicinal plants when galbanum gum is extracted from it. Galbanum gum is produced by cracking down on the stem of this plant. Sometimes, it comes out by the sting of insect bites and becomes stiff in the air. Over time it turns yellow, brown or green. Ferula golbaniflua gum is similar to assafeotidai gum.

Ferula golbaniflua gum exports and its price in Iran

In 2016, the export cost of pharmaceutical plants and its products was $ 17.4 billion and its import cost amounted to $ 18 billion.

The major exporting of medicinal plants, such as gums and essential oils in the world are India, China, the United States, Germany and France.

Galbanum gum and essential oil exports can be a great boom due to various pharmaceutical and industrial uses. Therefore, buying and selling Ferula golbaniflua gum has a high economic value for producers and exporters.

Since this essential oil is obtained from both seed and gum, the amount of effective ingredients in these two essential oils is different.

galbanum gum

CHASHNA Company is going to expand its exports by producing high-quality Ferula golbaniflua from the plant resin which also contains a higher percentage of essential oils.
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